If you cannot find an answer to your questions about appliance repairs, simply drop us a call and we will give you answers to all of your questions and concerns.

How long do common home appliances generally?

Home Appliance Life Span
Oven 10 to 15 years
Fridge 10 to 14 years
Washer 10 to 12 years
Dryer More than 15 years
Dishwasher 10 to 12 years


Does Appliance Repair provide servicing for gas appliances?

Definitely, our technicians can effectively diagnose and fix gas ovens.

Is it okay to perform DIY repairs on home appliances?

Experts strictly recommend not to attempt any kind of DIY repair on electrical appliances. It may lead to various mishaps, including more damage to the appliance, a blown fuse or severe injuries.

If my dishwasher is leaking, does it mean that I have to buy a new one?

That may not always be the case. Most of the times, a leak in a dishwasher can be because of a damaged pipe that needs to be replaced.

What kind of replacement parts does Appliance Repair use?

We use genuine manufacturer’s replacement parts only for all types of repair services that we provide throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Can softening of sheets cause any damage to my dryer?

No, they would not, as long as you remember to clean the lint filters prior to every use.

How should I determine when to replace or repair an appliance?

Generally, a home appliance lasts up to, or sometimes more than, its projected lifespan if provided with regular maintenance. Our technicians can help you decide if a repair service would be worthwhile for you.

My dryer’s loading time is too much. Is that bad?

It can be, as long as it takes more than 1 hour or so. Inspect the vents for some blockage. In case cool air comes out of the dryer, it may need to have its heating element replaced.

The warm water setting of my washer is lukewarm. How can I adjust that?

One thing that you can do is check to see if water is properly flowing from the tap of warm water. But remember that during the winter months, overall temperature of water can be largely influenced by the weather.