Repair or Replace – What Should You Do With An Old Appliance?

14October 2019
Repair or Replace – What Should You Do With An Old Appliance?

What must you do when an old appliance suddenly starts malfunctioning? Should you consider repairing the thing or getting a replacement for the same?

Is any of your appliances at home malfunctioning right now? If so, then you might have probably wondered whether you should get that machine repaired or replaced. Fixing an appliance and having the same replaced with a new one are two very different things, particularly in terms of expenses. But how will you decide as to which one is the best solution for your dilemma? Well, there are certain things that you can follow in order to make an informed decision.

Most of the common home appliances such as dishwasher, fridge, washer, oven and dryer have very fundamental repairs. But there are many homeowners who feel like they need to buy a new appliance just because the one they have made some weird noise. A minor fix is often enough to resolve such issues and increase the life of the appliances for many years to come. Besides that, repairs are generally far less expensive than replacements.

However, repair is not always the best option to go for, especially if an upgrade can mean doing away with an appliance that has served for 15 or more long years. Apart from that, if a newer alternative uses modern technology to save water as well as electricity, then it will be foolish not to consider buying a replacement. After all, conserving energy and resources makes complete financial & environmental sense.

Let’s take a look at some common home appliance repairs in order to understand when to choose the option of servicing instead of buying a new appliance:
Dryer – In case a dryer starts to overheat, there can be the risk of its thermal fuse blowing off and cutting the power off. This issue can be resolved by unclogging the vent system and replacing the fuse.
Fridge – A fridge can leak cold air when its door gasket becomes defective. It’d cause the fridge to form frost buildup within the freezer and also run longer. A simple door gasket replacement can help to deal with that.
Washer – If a washer does not fill fast or at all, it may be because it’s water valve has got restricted and needs to be replaced.
Dishwasher – Just like a faulty fridge, a malfunctioning dishwasher does not fill properly due to a restricted valve, replacing which is the best solution for the problem.

Thus, now you have a clear idea as to what you need to do with an old appliance and when.

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